The Power of Community – How FIELFALT Changed My Life

12. August 2016

A community is powerful. How powerful I only learned during the past months. Because the community of FIELFALT has changed my life. Wow, that sounds dramatic! But it actually did. When I started supporting the two founders, Aimie and Kira, I had just recently lost my job. I was frustrated, applying for jobs that I didn’t really want but then I didn’t know WHAT I wanted. I only knew, I had to find new work. And I was fixated on it.

How it all began…

On a gloomy January evening I met Aimie, Kira and also Jule from FIELFALT at an event in Berlin. I had known the blogazine but the perspective on things change when you meet the people behind it. Especially when they are as amazing and inspiring as the three of them. We talked quite a lot that evening and in the end we had agreed that I would start writing for the blogazine and see what else I could do to support. A few weeks later I attended the first femsemble, the monthly get-togethers for the community. There were about 60 to 70 women from different industries with all sorts of different backgrounds. I was never the networker, but that night I became one. I spoke to various women and it was the first evening I did not think of finding a new job. I actually thought of what I really wanted to do.

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Take the first step! Take a dare!

Around the same time when I started writing and enaging myself at FIELFALT, I also got into a project as a freelancer. It had never before occured to me that I could actually do what I do on my own. I have worked on the corporate side for more than ten years and I didn’t know it any differently. To my surprise this „freelance thing“ grew on me very quickly and the more events I attended with FIELFALT, the more women I spoke to that were founders or freelancers or just in the midst of taking the step. A whole new world opened up to me. Sounds cheezy, I know. But if all your life you are employed in a company, getting a „not too bad“ fix monthly salary you start raising your living standards accordingly. And when the job and the money are suddenly gone, all you can think of is how to maintain that level. But there are always ways and means. Still, I was not yet convinced to go all freelance. I did look for more projects – but still kept looking for a corporate job as well.

When the decision was made…

And then one day – it was a Sunday afternoon – I sat in the park with my partner and we talked about a job interview I just had the week before.  He said „Honestly, do you see yourself going back to a 9to5 Job, working in an office constantly? I don’t think this is what you want right now. And if you don’t, then go freelance.“ BAM – there it was, the approval I had not been wanting to give myself. Sometimes, you just need someone else to say it out loud, and then it becomes real. For me it was that Sunday afternoon when I decided to stop looking for a corprate job and work freelance, full-time. I started looking for other projects and I actually found them.

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I have been with FIELFALT for six months now.  I am working as a freelancer, sometimes from home, sometimes in co-working spaces and come fall, sometimes even in an actual office.  FIELFALT has awoken the networker in me and it has changed my perspective. I have not only found interesting projects through the community but most importantly amazing friends. And I have actually settled down here – much faster than I have ever done before in a new city. I don’t know if I would be where I am right now if I had not met Kira, Aimie and Jule that January evening and then also spoken to this many amazing women and gotten ideas from all of them. FIELFALT has definitely had a great impact on all this – on me. It has changed my life in a very good way.  I am happy. And isn’t that what counts most?

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