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FORGESTELLT: Freelance-Journalist, Blogger & Entrepreneur Regitse

14. September 2018

Regitse is a danish freelacer living in Berlin, she started her travel blog The Copenhagen Traveler in 2014. In today’s FORGESTELLT she tells us how she found her niche, what she learned about freelancing and the exciting projects she plans for this year.

Regitse, What are your 3 must-read books?


Please describe yourself in 3 words.

Regitse: Engaged, Energetic, Creative.

What does your typical start in the day look like?

Regitse: My mornings are sacred and I love starting my day calmly before tackling the challenges that come with being a freelancer. I get up with my son between 7 and 8, take a shower, have breakfast, meditate and head to my office. Before I became a mother, my office would typically be in a co-working space, but at the moment, I tend to mainly use my home-office, which is also quite nice.

In 2014 you founded The Copenhagen Traveler – why did you choose to become a travel writer?

Regitse: I started my very first blog back in 2010 when blogging was still fairly new, so when I needed a change of topic (back then, I was mainly blogging about beauty), it was pretty clear to me. Traveling has always been part of my life, and having lived in 5 different countries, I often got asked about destinations and travel trends. I picked a niche: luxury travel and hotels, and my love for traveling – and for blogging in general – has only increased over the years. To me, there’s hardly anything more life confirming than traveling and connecting with other cultures.

How did you connect with companies and brands to collaborate with you?

Regitse: It’s about getting to know people, making good connections and taking care of your network. It has always been important to me to only work with brands that resonnate with my blog and the interests of my readers. If I really like a brand, I reach out in a respectful manner to explore the possibilities. I prefer meeting with people in person, but you can also come a long way with a well-written pitch!

What services do you offer your customers?

Regitse: I’m running two different companies: my travel blog, which is like an online magazine. Services here include sponsored posts and articles, social media content, photography and video productions. Then there’s my new company, a creative content agency specialized in boutique- and design hotels, which is being officially launched in September. Here, services include all kinds of written content and social media management. I love creating content for the hospitality industry!

You used to work as a journalist in Denmark – what made you leave Denmark and move to Berlin?

Regitse: I’ve been living in many different places – Copenhagen was the last destination before moving to Berlin. Settling in Berlin was quite a spontaneous idea, as I hardly had any connections here and didn’t think of it as a possible new home when I first visited in 2016. However, I was in a phase of my life where I needed to try something new and I missed living abroad. One thing led to another and I haven’t looked back ever since ☺ Berlin is such a cool place to live if you’re creative and full of ideas and dreams. It feels like everything is possible here and I really like that.

This year you will publish your first book – what is it about?

Regitse: <Yes, I’m very excited to become a published Author on a subject that’s so close to my heart. My book is about freelancing – or more specifically; it’s a guide for female freelancers who wish to create a successful and mindful freelance career. It will only be published in Denmark to begin with, but I’m hoping for a translation into German and English in the near future.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a freelancer?

Regitse: The advantage is obviously the freedom you’re granted – but that’s also what can lead you astray. Being a freelancer is a constant balance between doing what you love and doing what you have to do to survive. On good days, you feel like you can fly whereas on bad days, it can be…pretty bad. Haha. What I personally love the most though, is the fact that I’m completely free to plan my day and fill it with things I feel matters to me. It’s as if everything just makes a bit more sense – at least to me.

What are your biggest challenges?

Regitse: As mentioned above, it can be a challenge working as a full-time freelancer, especially if you loose a client, if you get sick and can’t work for several days etc. No one can take over your job and assure you that everything will be fine. I know from experience now that everything is usually fine in the end, but the worrying is something, which is hard to lay off. This is why I practice meditation everyday; to keep my mind and body balanced and focus on the present. I really believe that worrying makes you old before time!

What are your plans for the future?

Regitse: I have many dreams and aspirations, but I like to break them down into smaller pieces so they seem more approachable ☺ This year, my life has changed 100%, as I’ve become a mother for the first time, so right now, it’s all about taking care of my little family and making sure everyone’s happy – including myself. I’d like to live in Southern Europe someday, at least 6 months of the year – somewhere close to the sea where the sun is always shining. That makes me happy. There, I’d love to read a lot and write a pile of books and enjoy life with my family. It would also be nice to take up horse-riding again at some point (I used to ride in competitions when I was younger).

How do you improve yourself and what do you do to develop your business further?

Regitse: I don’t believe in improving onself. On the contrary, I think we’re already whole and who we’re initially supposed to be. Most people today don’t know who they are. We’ve forgotten how to connect with ourselves and that creates imbalance. It’s ironic; we believe we need to learn more, get more, experience more to be reach the goal, but simply by connecting with ourselves on a deeper level and understanding who we truly are, we’re growing. I’d like to believe that also reflects in my business. If I do work that aligns with who I am and what I love, there’s only one way to go – and that’s up ☺

Do you have rolemodels or women that inspire you?

Regitse: There are a number of women who inspire me, yes. For example Scilla Elworthy, who is a peace builder and founder of Rising Women Rising World – a growing community of international women who wants to change the world for the better. I had the pleasure of attending a workshop with Scilla Elworthy last year, and her calmness and huge knowledge blew me off my feet. I love people who are following their heart’s desire; people who are on a mission in life and who are not afraid to walk in front.
I’m also generally inspired by entrepreneurs and self-employed, who are not giving up even when the going gets tough. People who believe in what they do.

Can you give us three recommendations on building a freelance career?


  • 1. Build a strong network and take care of it (it takes time, but it’s worth it)
  • 2. Make quality and create value for others (quality work will always be in high demand – and value givers will always stand out from the crowd)
  • 3. Don’t stop! It can be challenging at times, but the gold is at the end of the rainbow ☺

Thank you very much for the interview, Regitse!

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Über die Autorin: Ann-Kathrin ist 29, kommt aus dem schönen Harz und ist seit einigen Jahren in Berlin zu Hause. Sie reist gerne, liebt Konzerte, den Sommer in Berlin und Serien.

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