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FORGESTELLT: Isabelle Reuss, Gründerin von My Goodness

7. Januar 2016

„two hands are better than one“

ist das Motto von Isabelle Reuss, der Gründerin von My Goodness in Berlin. My Goodness existiert erst seit Kurzem und ist sozusagen noch ein ‚Baby‘. Im Moment arbeiten tatsächlich nur Izzy selbst und ein paar fachlich talentierte Freunde an ihrem Unternehmen. Nächstes Jahr möchte Izzy gerne wachsen und ein festes Team aufbauen.

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How does your daily bussiness look like?

Izzy: It changes from week to week depending on what orders come in but generally early morning starts, in the kitchen getting orders prepared for offices, delivery between 10 am – noon. The afternoon is spent on responding to emails, working on different pitches and offers, ordering packaging and making sure i have all the ingredients for the next day. Then also working on future projects like the coming month, any photography, website maintenance and things like that. It keeps me pretty busy.

What is the background of My Goodness? Where did you get the idea of this amazing concept?

Izzy: I’ve always been really interested in health and wellness, but it was a lifestyle thing rather than a potential career. I knew the importance of looking after your body and valuing it so you can continue to live life to the full and I started to realize that this was such a far away concept for many people… especially in a fast paced city like Berlin. I worked for a health food company for a little while writing about superfoods and things like that but I wanted to really help people discover how to develop a healthy way of living rather than just fad diets. I would create recipes and make snacks for my husband to take to work and for my friends to empower them so they would feel strong and healthy throughout the day and it just came out of that… to be honest I think it was the best accident ever!

Do you have a local store in berlin or do your customers order via online shop? Can they taste it somewhere in a store?

Izzy: It’s mainly online but you can now pick up a ‘my goodness’ box from the beautiful ladies at LA cold press at Quartier 206 on Friendrichstrasse. I also have a dessert at Oliv café on Münzstrasse. But hopefully this will be growing next year so keep your ears open…

In our shop, we offer our monthly snack box and our confectionary range. This is a little more luxurious and it’s all made from natural, whole foods full of goodness! These are more for events and parties. But it is guilt free pleasure!

Where do you bake these sweet little snacks I have seen on your website?Izzy2

Izzy: At the moment there is a little kitchen that I rent in the very early hours in the morning as it belongs to a café during the daytime. My dream is to have my own kitchen where I can hold dinner parties and breakfast clubs and do workshops, so that’s the goal. But embracing the small beginnings… it’s the best way to learn.



embracing the small beginnings.. it’s the best way to learn

Where did you get new ideas for the monthly snack boxes?

Izzy: I change the snacks every month, just to mix things up a little as a lot of the customers are regulars. My inspiration comes from lots of different places… Instagram, pinterest, then sometimes I just create with what I fancy eating or what we currently have in stock. I work with the seasons too so that plays a role with flavours and ingredients.

What is your Blog about?

Izzy: My Goodness is all about holistic health. Meaning that in order to live life well there are a few areas in your world that you have to work to keep healthy: your body, your spirit and your mind. The blog is a way to get these thoughts out there, just little tips on how to get health into these different areas of your life. Plus a healthy eating recipe. It’s all in the early days so hopefully this will develop too, but right now it’s just a few thoughts for people.

What motivates you to start with power and happiness in a day?

Izzy: I always think about the “WHY” behind what I am doing. Sometimes I have to refocus, remembering it is all about empowering people to live life to the full so I don’t get wrapped up in the little things. When you know the why behind what you are doing all day and you are open to learn everyday, I believe you are unstoppable.

When you know the why behind what you are doing all day and you are open to learn everyday, I believe you are unstoppable

What is the USP of My Goodness and the advantage for your customers instead of ’normal‘ chocolate?

Izzy: We are not just another food company… we truly want to see you live your life well which is why we are constantly learning and growing in the area of wellness and nutrition to create a way to help you function to your full potential. We want to create a lifestyle that sees people flourish and this comes through our products. We have many customers with different health issues and we help them to discover a way of eating that doesn’t harm them but they can really enjoy. It’s accessible and desirable. It’s not about deprivation, we just have to get creative. I think that’s what makes us unique.

Ok, I’m going to get a little bit nerdy now… Chocolate and sweets from the supermarket are full or artificial ingredients that our bodies are not designed to be able to deal with. This puts the digestive system under stress that will affect your whole body. Including your mood, your sleep, and your ability to focus. Then it provides no goodness to your body. In our society we are just so used to living under this kind of stress all the time and our bodies become accustomed to it, thus we limit our potential. Our snacks are made from nutrient dense foods that your body loves, so it reduces the stress on the body meaning you conserve more energy, your different systems gets the vitamins they need to function properly, your hunger pains switch off and it’s a long term benefactor for you health.

Who is responsible for the content of your website und your Blog?

Izzy: At the moment I manage all the online stuff… I know I sound like a bit of a one woman show at the moment but I really love the blog and the social media side of the business because it really reflects the heart behind who we are as a company. And it has really helped me create the tone of the business so I am very thankful that I’ve been able to do it and learn how to use it in these early days of the business.

Each month I send out a newsletter with further nutritional information about the box of the month… why I’ve chosen the ingredients I have and things like that. It’s also a way to inform people of what is coming up in that month. We normally have different events, or some news for our followers so it’s just a great way to stay connected with people.

What is your personal key to decide the variation of a new snack box?

Izzy1Izzy: I try and think of the season that we are going into, for example, for December I’ve done healthy variations of festive favourites. September had lots of brain boosting foods for back to uni/school. I try and have a good variation of flavours, a balance between sweet and spicy, that kind of thing. You have to think of the whole thing as a package and make sure it all compliments each other.

Do you have plans to expand with My Goodness?

Izzy: Absolutely! The sky is the limit… I have lots of big dreams of what I want to do with it and I have a few exciting things in the pipeline for next year so stay tuned!

Are there any important learnings you want to share with other female founders?

Izzy: I feel like I am learning everyday… And this in itself is a big lesson. Be a life long learner, always take everything you can from every experience, be it a positive or a negative one. And the second thing would be always focus on the WHY behind what you are doing because it will really give your business a voice and shape everything you do.

Was it difficult to start your own business as a single founder?

Izzy: Of course! It’s been such a journey and there have been really good days and really hard days. You step out of your comfort zone and go into “unknown waters” so to speak with no security and it is a lot of hard work. But when you wake up everyday excited about what you are doing and passionate to make a difference it is all worth it. And I am full of faith forthe future!

step out of your comfort zone and go into “unknown waters”

What was a happy moment with My Goodness?

Izzy: Ooh that’s a tough one. I’ve had lots of little happy moments. I love meeting the people who order the boxes, I love hearing the stories of how My Goodness has helped them live life to the full. I love experimenting with food and discovering something awesome. I love meeting other people in the Wellness scene here in Berlin. So yeah, lots of little moments rather than one big one.

Izzy is a big fitness fan, she loves dancing and Yoga, so normally a workout followed by a delicious dinner with her husband at home. She also loves getting to bed early and reading, or watching a movie… She loves a Good Night!

If you have further questions, comment on this article. We’re looking forward to your feedback!

Bildquelle: ©  Isabelle Reuss

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