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It is not funny anymore

9. November 2016

It is not funny anymore

19:00 Los Angeles Time

Let me start with saying that I am a novice in politics. Especially in American politics, so no I do not have a clue about the exact programs of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. So I might be wrong, I might voice an opinion here that is thoroughly unfounded and just plain wrong. That being said, I believe I am not the only in the United States. The difference: I did not need to vote today.

When the elections are in my home country, I do not pretend to know every single aspect of the several parties. However, I do my research. I do not take the right of voting lightly. Our society came a long way to be allowed to vote, women even longer. I feel obliged to exercise this given right with the upmost respect.

As I am currently in the USA for work, I am just astonished when putting on the TV tonight. We all laughed about Donald Trump the last months. It was funny to see his ridiculous hair, his ridiculous debate performance, his ridiculous way of treating Hillary Clinton. We all got angry about his idiotic and contradicting statements, his clear lack of diplomacy, his clear lack of tact, his obvious clear lack of any respect towards women, minorities or anyone who is not agreeing with him.

I do not know at this moment in time what the election results will be… However at this moment Hillary Clinton is at 122 electoral votes, Donald Trump at 168…

It is not funny anymore.

I hear statements on the TV as ‘ We overlooked rural America’ , or ‘ People want a change, and if we have to pull out a grenade and roll it over the country, then let’s do that’  or ‘people are entering a time beyond reason’.

Amazing empty statements.

How can you overlook 60% of a country? When is a grenade ever a solution? Who would ever enter deliberately a time beyond reason? How can America not learn from other countries mistakes?

It is not funny anymore.

Hillary Clinton is far from perfect. My colleagues here in the US often say Netflix’s series House of Cards is based on her and her husband, the Clintons have some serious skeletons in their closets. Obviously, Americans do not want the next Frank Underwood in office. Especially not one that didn’t take care of her IT systems properly to protect her emails.

So the logic choice would be Donald Trump.

The guy who was accused of raping a 13 year old girl? A guy with so many videos and statements disrespecting women and minorities? (And disrespecting is a very politically correct word here.) A guy who openly had multiple affairs? A guy whose business is shady? Who is not willing to prove that he is paying taxes, whose employees and suppliers are suing him? A guy who wants to build a wall around his country?

I do not even know, why this even is an election. Why this figure even was able to enter a political party with such a track record. Why we are all bitching about a couple of emails, in light of all the shit that he pulled.

Can someone please explain this to me?

19.30 Los Angeles Time

Now a women is asked on TV why she voted for Trump. Her answer: ‘He is telling the truth as it is. And all my friends that tell the truth, they are good people, so he must be as well.’ Are you serious? It is proven that he actually lied about most of the things that he said. Regarding his opinions on minorities and women, external politics or how to run a country…. How is that a show of good personality? I am not even arguing here about the clear lack of logic capabilities. Again, please explain this to me.

We would have laughed about this women a few weeks ago. We all know the idiots around us. However at this point?

It is not funny anymore.

20:00 Los Angeles Time

As California is closing their voting polls, let’s look at some funny pictures of people biting nails! Because it is so funny! Ok, I can forgive this one as the new stats are in: Hillary at 190, Donald at 170. They need 270 to win by the way… It stays insane that it is such a close call. I just keep on hoping it will be ending up on the good side of it…

21.30 Los Angeles Time

Score: Hillary at 215, Donald at 238.

I turned off the TV. The quality level is not exactly entertaining. As I look over my Facebook feed however, I see which way the vote is going. The main tendency? Disappointment and open rage: ‘How could this happen, how can any normal person vote like this, how can we be so against minorities, women and basically any human decent sense?’ A friend writes: This is a win for racism, sexism, islamophobia, fear-mongering, divisiveness and all things generally crap. I got nothing to add there.

22:00 Los Angeles Time

Hillary is about to lose New Hampshire, a state that was till this point actually counted as her win.

The Canadian immigration website is also down. Too many visitors on its website to be able to handle the traffic. I would try the same if I was a US citizen. This would have been funny normally.

It is not funny anymore now.

22.30 Los Angeles Time

Score: Hillary at 215, Donald at 247.

Google actually says Trump is already at 264 (remember, 270 is what he needs).

I am done with following this. The last votes can take hours to count. Clinton’s campaign chair is sending everyone home now as well. There is actually still a chance Hillary Clinton wins though. I will be the first to write a blog to how much I was wrong. However, that would be a first in history with the current states that have already been accounted for in Trumps favour.

I could write all kinds of poetic things about how much US citizens just let down their country. What a dangerous man they put in control of their nukes. If this election was taking place in a small country or in a developing country, we would shake our heads and move on. We would have learned in a couple of years (or months) how much this small country is in trouble, we would have laughed about it and told them ‘I told you so’.  It would end up in some politics book on the downside of a democratic institution and we would have said we learned from it. We would say, that we would never put such an incapable man, with such dehumanizing views in a powerful position. After all, didn’t we learn from many of our previous dictators and world wars that certain views and personality traits are not the best to lead a country? I guess we would have said that.

I am curious what we will say now in a couple of years.

I am sure it will not be funny.

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