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PORTRAIT: Céline Attal, Director of „Women in Digital“ Israel

24. März 2016

Céline Attal lives and works in Israel where she is the country head of  „Women in Digital“, an international organisation that promotes diversity and inclusion for women in digital at all levels. Céline is also founder and Director at ISAP Consulting, a business consulting firm, based in Tel Aviv, that aims to develop, facilitate and strengthen business relations between Israel, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. As ISAP mostly advises tech-companies, Céline got good insights in the tech world in Israel. Becoming Director of „Women in Digital“ was just the right step to support women in this industry.


[Tweet „If someone has done it before, then I can.“]

Céline, you are Director of „Women in Digital“ in Israel. What made you join WID and why did you take over the Israeli Branch?

Céline: I found the idea very interesting and believe we needed something like this in Israel. I find it interesting to meet women in the industry and share experiences.

Israel is famous for its tech innovations. How do women succeed in this area of business?

Céline: Women succeed in this industry but I can tell you, it is still a male-dominated area. As a business woman, most of the people I interact with are men. I attend countless events on tech, and rarely do I see women founding start-up companies. I want this to change and that is what we are trying to do through „Women In Digital“.

Do you feel that WID is able to support women in digital professions?

Céline: I am convinced that we can support women in digital. We offer different solutions to empower women in their digital career. For example, we organize many events and conferences on specific digital themes. Also, WID is setting up a mentoring program for six months where a senior woman will help a junior pursue her career.

What  do you think is the greatest value of being part in a network such as WID?

Céline: The greatest value is to know that you are not alone. Whenever you encounter difficulties, you can rely on our community. Women can help each other. The bigger the network will become the more helpful it will be.

We all know that every country has different working environments. Do you think we should rather focus on our own surroundings or should we start interacting more on an international level?

Céline: I definitely think that we should interact more and more on an international level. Of course, every country has its own working environment, and this is amazing. Each country should keep its own culture and beauty. But I believe that we should also learn from each other. Interacting with people around the world gives us a unique perspective on life. Opening our eyes and our hearts to other cultures is the greatest experience in life.

What motivates you in the morning to really go full speed and not to give up in difficult situations?

Céline: What motivates me in the morning is my job. I absolutely love my job. Of course, I know that each day, I may encounter some difficulties. But with time and experience, one understands that there will always be challenges and difficulties. If you solved one, you can solve them all.

How does your usual working day look like?

Céline: I wake up early, go for a quick run, come back home, take a long shower and get ready for work. At work, I am very concentrated, take only a few short breaks. I stay at work quite late and in the evening, I meet my friends for dinner.

Do you have a motto you live or work by?

Céline: I live by: Life is too short, enjoy it. I work by: If someone has done it before, then I can.

Who inspires you personally?

Céline: My role model is Christine Lagarde. Mrs. Lagarde is a french lawyer, a politician (she was appointed Minister many times) and also the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) since 2011. She started her career as a business lawyer and was the first female chairwoman of the international law firm she worked for. During her time as a Minister, she was ranked the best Minister of Finance in the Eurozone. In 2014, she was ranked the 5th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes Magazine. She received many honors including the prestigious french distinction Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur. Mrs. Lagarde is an inspiration, she has shown that being a successful woman in a male dominated world is possible. I admire her strength and the way she pursued her professional career. I have never met her but I truly wish I will have this chance one day.

If you could send a message to women in the world, what would you tell them?

Céline: Being a woman in a male-dominated world is a challenge, embrace it! If people  make you feel inferior, don’t spend your energy on justifying yoursel – time and hard work will do it for you.

What is  the perfect break to your daily business?

Céline: My perfect break happens through the end of the day: I put some music in my ears and go for a walk, just myself with my thoughts.

Thank you so much for taking time and sharing your thoughts and experiences with us!

Celine’s company, ISAP Consulting, is a business consulting firm that aims to develop, facilitate and strengthen business relations between Israel, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands.

Women in Digital Israel is for success oriented women in the Digital Industry. We foster Digital Entrepreneurs, Businesswomen, Digital Marketers, Digital Strategists and Digital Technologists who believe in success through collaboration.

Bildquelle: © Celine Attal


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